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Act I

A short part of the long story, dedicated to the adventures of pets and their owners, living in a cruel dystopian society, where the humans have become extinct and now serve as PATRONS, the highest caste of the new world, inhabited with intelligent animals.

After ruthless wars and conflicts between the new Earth dwellers, Cats have taken the place of the second caste and named themselves as PETS.

Everyone in between are, however, had been fated to become their powerless slaves, belonging to the lowest caste – UNDERLINGS.

But, despite everything, the hope remains even in a such dark place. Everything changes when a young Patron arrives to the Capital High School, unique place, where everyone has a chance to study for the benefit of our world future, no matter of their caste or social status...

Sounds like a good base for a game plot, huh? (no)

Now forget about it, because everything mentioned here will never be brought up again.

Instead of facing all these stupid society problems you are going to hang out with fluffy anime cats and sometimes even dogs! DEEP and HIDDEN meaning behind the storyline is not included.


Meet the gang

A fluffy trio of strange friends, studying in one class with you. All of them have their own style of speech and distinctive character traits. And they also seems to have... anime eyes?!

Yes, that's all in their eyes!

All characters' dialogue lines are accompanied with different (and sometimes not very) animated facial expressions, which expand the value of their responses and fill them with unique charisma!

Aesthetics of the Internet

All game content (including music, sound effects and graphics) is based on the stock Creative Commons and Public Domain resources found on the Internet and thoroughly edited in Paint.NET. Some parts of the game content were even processed or generated with use of neural networks! (yes, i'm that poor)

Terrifying monstrosity. Literally a living nightmare. Game source code. Github. Soon.


I am a youtuber and I want to get some keys!

You can find my contact information on the contact page. (unexpected, huh?)
Send me an email with a link to your channel and a short summary.
I will send keys after the release date as a reply to the most interesting requests.
(Only if will get any requests, of course...)

So, this is only the first act? Are there going to be more parts? Will they be paid or free?

This game is only the first part of the full story.

Act I is fully (un)playable on its own and ends quite interesting.
You can decide if you want to wait for the next part or consider Act I as a short independent story.

Development of the next part is planned, however, all details are shrouded in mystery. But, hey! I have no friends and currently I am on my summer holidays! Enough free time, I mean. No promises though.

How long (short) is this game?

It really depends on your reading speed. The game is intended to be a short slow-paced 1 hour experiment. Too short? Well, luckily you will get bored much earlier!

I found a bug/the game doesn't work!

Make sure that your system meets the requirements. (DirectX and OpenGL support) If the black/white screen appears try installing Visual C++ Redistributables.

If you found a bug or other problem with the game, please, send a message to the following email:

My photo/music/art is used in the game and I want to remove it

If you have published your work under one of the Creatie Commons or Public Domain licenses, but now you regret it, please, send an email message to the
This also applies to the case when photostock has incorrectly marked your work or I have not given a proper attribution.


General credits

Game credits will be released alongside with the Act I.

Trailer credits

Sound effects and music obtained from Zapsplat
Anime encounter loop #3 by Sirkoto51

Website credits

Animated rainbow text
Glowing buttons
Go to top button
GitHub button

Well, that's all I can tell you now.
Maybe the demo can do my job better?

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